How to Choose the Board Portal

A board portal is an inevitable tool that guarantees safe and protected digital communication between the representatives of the board of directors. Proper board software guarantees good governance.

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Working with an online board portal is a way to simpler, more organized and more dependable meetings. However, choosing a trusted and reliable vendor and platform is important, as it can promote positive results of your project and eliminate risks.

Top Board Portal Providers

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Board Portal and Its Successful Use

Board Portal Software is one of the best methods used for the achievement of excellent interaction between the representatives of the board of directors. Irrespective of the size and importance of the project or business idea, it requires a sufficient number of board members and well-planned governance. To achieve the maximal results out of the communication between these parties, people frequently use digital boardrooms.

Basically, that’s an efficient tool that facilitates the discussions and advances governance. Traditionally, the platform includes voting tools, messaging options, meeting minutes, agenda features and similar options that promote seamless communication. Opting for proper portal software you will not only simplify the communication but also help your board work efficiently. In general, the use of a board portal saves corporate secs and preserves directors’ time.

Once you are ready to start the search for a perfect digital portal, pay due attention to several tips that will help you make the right decision:

  • Estimate your current solution and find your pain points. Eliminated expenses and high level of security are only the minor advantages of the paperless option;
  • Identify the must-have functions you are looking for;
  • Check all the selected portals on different resources;
  • Make sure the digital portal has offline syncing and applications for iOS and Andriod;

Top 3 Board Portal Providers

While the modern market is filled with a range of advantageous options, check the list of top 3 best board portals, including:

BoardMaps board portal software

BoardMaps is a dedicated tool that will ease the management of the board. Thanks to this software you will never have to go through the hell of unproductive, long, and boring meetings.

iDeals Board Portal

iDeals Board Portal that helps to focus on solving important issues and implementing new ideas rather than trying to manage proper work of the team

Boardvantage Board Portal

Boardvantage Board Portal is a powerful solution which offers an intuitive interface and strong security necessary for successful and flawless communication of directors and executives.

Digital Board Room Evolution

Board meetings and other forms of communication are important for any business. It’s obvious that some of them are more important, as they may be strategic pillars, where each detail matters and can influence the direction and its results. Therefore, it’s inevitable to be prepared for every meeting. The digital boardroom is the exact solution, which can simplify your task and ensure that everything you mentioned, did, handed and shared is 100% confidential and safe.

This dedicated tool assists overcoming all the existing and potential challenges you may face, when it comes to data protection and organization of the working process. In other words, the digital board tool is an indispensable part of up-to-date business communication.

Directors are usually responsible for the security of board communication governance, as well as a range of other processes that include the organization of the executive board, supervisory board and management board meetings, protection of documents and other files shared in the course of the meetings and reporting on the results.

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The task is quite challenging, especially if the company has numerous members of the board. At the same time, the data shared and discussed during the meetings are ultimately important for the company. Various financial details and strategic issues can have a direct influence on the future development and existence of the organization. Therefore, the quality of boardroom communications is essential, as well as safety.

Online portals meet the leading demands, requirements, and needs of customers offering them an easy-to-use interface, maximal convenience, and simplicity of the board communication, undeniable security of all the documents they share, as well as other features valued by directors. Trusted and reliable vendors guarantee that all the uploaded information will be safely stored within the portal and will not be passed to the third party.

With the innovative and powerful communication tool, companies get an exclusive chance to coordinate the work of the boards without any complications. No time limits, reduced costs and eliminated travel expenses are the main advantages. The cloud-based solution is the only way to have confidential and secure communication that will support and promote the cycle of the boards.

Board Portal Software for Simple and Secure Board Meetings

Changing the form of communication among the members of the board may be time-consuming but it always remains effective. Board portal software will help you eliminate the existing problems and complications in discussions and other processes. A digital solution is hosted in the cloud and is aimed at meeting the requirements and needs of the governance boards. With a quality digital boardroom, you may be sure all the information and details of the meeting are safely preserved before, during and after the process.

Nowadays there are few companies that use the traditional way of board communication. The vast majority of corporations take advantage of the paperless process. Project management platforms and video conferencing are only a few convenient aspects of the board portal use, while a reduced number of paper documents and other benefits can considerably simplify the task. In fact, online board meetings are usually associated with a complete transformation of collective communication and decision making. Simplified processes, improved organization, better management, and more secure information exchange are guaranteed with the board portals.

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Following the reviews, the overwhelming majority of governance boards specify two main factors that make the use of digital portals efficient:

  • The simplicity of use. The online meeting place not only creates a perfect workspace for successful and flawless board communication but also simplifies several processes, especially organization and reporting. Sending invites, uploading, viewing and editing data, communication between the attendees and drawing up the agenda cannot be easier. Additionally, the platform can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Safety. The board portal is the way to the digitalization of the management meeting cycle. However, the undeniable safety of the process should not be underestimated. The secure virtual space features an up-to-date encryption system, access permission tool and other safety measures that make communication confidential.

In addition, virtual board rooms help save money, time and storage costs of the company. Reduction of the most common issues, like critical information being stolen or lost, documents not received and attendees not available will help you advance any project and achieve positive results much faster.