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The BoardManagement offers the client features to keep things going smoothly. Board document management has never been easier.
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The main task of the BoardManagement developers was to help directors in matters of cooperation. To be more precise, create tools for easy, seamless collaboration.

The product was created not only taking into account the needs of modern business but also the experience of the development team. There are no issues now that could slow down workflows or communication between colleagues and partners.

The provider guarantees a transparent policy in dealing with any client. This platform is full of features. Directors conduct quality negotiations, save time and financial resources. Here is a list of things that BoardManagement offers.

  • Schedules and calendars

Directors view past and upcoming events here. At any time, they create a new event, specifying the date, time, composition of participants. Guests are notified immediately of the upcoming event.

  • Data management

It doesn’t matter how many files and folders there are on the platform. The quality or speed of the portal does not depend on the quantity. Administrators control access by allowing or denying access to any file to any user.

  • Allocation and management of tasks

Users can create task lists by specifying deadlines. They also indicate the people responsible for the execution. Notifications inform you of a new task and the approaching deadline.

  • Ample opportunities for communication

Communication tools within the platform facilitate collaborative work. Each user can share ideas and suggestions, and other participants see them instantly. With these tools, the team can solve problems and make decisions together.

  • Monitoring

User activity data is available even in real-time. It is possible to check data for a specific date or an individual user.

BoardManagement Review

The provider has created solutions that support organizations in their activities. In the table below, you will see who the customers of this platform are and what advantages they have.

Organization typeProblems
Non-profit Organizations The problems are:
– insufficient communication between team members;
– unbalanced task allocation and responsibility for their implementation.
How BoardManagement helps:
– users have access to all kinds of tools to maintain communication 24/7;
– accounting of tasks, which contains information about completed and current jobs, organizes teams, and their work in general.
Education The problems are:
– disorganization of workflows;
– data management and storage.
How BoardManagement helps:
– the software is a means of control and order thanks to the built-in functions;
– the platform securely stores data, and administrators provide/restrict access to other users.
Government The problems are:
– the issue of checks and balances, implying a large number of documents;
– privacy protection.
How BoardManagement helps:
– paperwork tools save time;
– cloud storage is completely secure and encrypted with complex algorithms.
Business The problems are:
– many partners and branches in other cities and countries;
– fast and high-quality deal-making with protected data.
How BoardManagement helps:
– staying at a distance, directors can contact at any time to find business solutions;
– the parties conclude transactions, having at hand all the necessary documents.